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AZ Affforadble Dustless Blasting Can save you time and money when it comes time to repaint your house. We remove the old cracking, peeling paint with ease, leaving you with a clean surface ready to be refinished. Think about the smaller projects around the place. The patio furnature you need to repaint? Maybe that old antique that has been painted how many times? We can get that old crusty paint off without toxic chemicals.

dustless sand media blasting 602-703-1142 FOR MORE INFORMATION

dustless sand media blasting
Blasting Years Of Dirt Away

Making the ready for a fresh coat of stain.​​

dustless sand media blasting
Ready For Years Of Service

The customerthought it was a new table and deck.​

dustless sand media blasting

2000 SQ/FT done in three days. saved the painter ​hours of prep.

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