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When it comes to brick, concrete, asphalt and masonary, traditional methods of restoration include, sand/soda blast (dust cloud and etched surface), chemical strippers (toxic and usually don't work well unless the surface is smooth), or just plain old painting over the graffiti (how many layers of miss matched paint can a wall take?) Plain and simple, AZ Affordable Dustless Blasting is the best way to remove failed paint or graffiti from wherever it might be. 

dustless sand media blasting 602-703-1142 FOR MORE INFORMATION

Remove Parking Stripes

Leaves no evidence of stripe, unlike grinding can.​​

dustless sand media blasting
dustless sand media blasting
Remove Griffiti No Harm

​Only Dustless Blasting can do this, this quickly and completely​

dustless sand media blasting

Sand Blasting Can Harm Brick
Soda blasting is much slower and MUCH more of a mess.​​

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