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AZ Affordable Dustless Blasting will remove ANY coating from ANY metal surface leaving it ready for paint powdercoat or bodywork. Don't just think about cars and trucks. Think railings, fences, steel buildings, containers, busses, commercial vehicles, tanks... There is not a job we can't do.

dustless sand media blasting 602-703-1142 FOR MORE INFO
dustless sand media blasting
Automotive Restoration

​​We Strip down to bare metal using only "green" materials. NO TOXIC CHEMICLES USED EVER.

dustless sand media blasting
Heavy Equipment, Tanks & Boxes

It does not matter how many different layers are stacked up. We remove them.​​

dustless sand media blasting

No Project Is Off Limits
Motorcycles, Iron Fence, Antiques, Vintage Items. ANYTHING!​​

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